Lawrenny Village, Pembroke
Between Friday 9th Jun and Monday 12th Jun 2023
Maximum of 10 tickets

Buy Tickets for Out & Wild Festival 2023 - Payment Plan

Weekend Camping
Phase One Early Bird

£132.00 inc. booking fee

£15.00 per month (£120.00 face value)

Weekend No Camping
Phase One Early Bird

£115.50 inc. booking fee

£13.13 per month (£105.00 face value)

Campervan Upgrade

£55.00 inc. booking fee

£6.25 per month (£50.00 face value)


£16.50 inc. booking fee

£1.88 per month (£15.00 face value)

Out & Wild Festival 2023 - Payment Plan

This Payment Plan allows you to pay for your ticket(s) over 8 instalments. Any booking & delivery fees will be included in the first payment.
Your ticket total must be at least £20.00 to use the payment plan for this event, otherwise you should book your tickets here.

Payment Plan FAQs:

What if I miss a payment?

If a payment gets rejected you will be sent an email to inform you. This email contains instructions to change the card on your payment plan should you need to, which will enable you to make the missed payment, and stay within the payment plan.

Can I get a refund?

No, as stated when you place an order all tickets are sold on a strictly non-refundable basis.

Can I pay early?

No, all payments must be made as per the payment plan schedule you agree to upon purchase.

Can I change my tickets?

No, once an order has been placed, tickets cannot be changed. Take extra care to make sure you only order the tickets you actually want.

What if my card expires?

If your card expires you’ll need to wait for an email stating your payment has been rejected. You should then follow the link on that email to update your card details and pay off the due amount, any remaining payments will be debited from your new card.

Can I cancel my payment plan?

If you decide you no longer wish to attend the event, you can cancel a payment plan in your account or inform us in writing 7 days prior to an upcoming payment date that you wish to cancel your order. We will then cease to take any remaining payments. Please note you will NOT be entitled to a refund of any previous payments.

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